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Botanical Oncology; Isolates

An Oriental and western Approach to Herbal Compounds in Cancer Care.

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An Evidence Based Approach to Treatment

by Daniel Weber, PhD MSc
with Wang Jing of Shanghai TCM University
We are excited to share with you a preview of Daniel Weber's newest book. Formulas, Herbs and Isolates in the Cancer Clinic, please take a moment to have a look. Preview

The book is now available for purchase and includes a wonderful online database resource featuring 35 formulas, 180 fully referenced herbs, 52 isolates. 
The database allows you fast access to the right prescription and offers referenced research on all herbs and isolates.
INCL. Website Database



Introduction To Integrative Oncology

 ‘Introduction to Integrative Oncology’ presents herbs, compounds and supplements, which have research and proven clinical application to support patients in cancer recovery. Many cancer patients seek out complementary treatments, by some estimates up to 80%. In many cases the solutions are either ineffective or dangerous. This Introduction to Integrative Oncology book looks only at those complementary medicines, which have research to show their efficacy as well as their application in treatment.

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 Though the relation between inflammation and cancer is clear according to current research, the potential mechanism of inflammation’s role in cancer is still unclear, and there are still many questions left unanswered. This book, Inflammation and the Seven Stochastic Events of Cancer, explores the role of inflammation in the occurrence and development of cancers, as well as its relationship to stress, angiogenesis, cell-to-cell communication and metastasis. Especially, this book introduces the applications of Chinese herbal medicine and their compounds to cancer and inflammation, and the mechanisms, which contributes to the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern oncology medicine.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology

 Mood disorders, which include depression, anxiety as well as general psychological malaise and stress is an increasingly common problem in the clinic. Orthodox medical approaches focus upon talk treatments, counselling, psychotherapy and behavioural modification or psychotropic drugs to restore neurotransmitter function. This approach seems to be a result of very deep Cartesian Split our culture makes around the body and mind. Traditional medicines see psychological problems as just an aspect of imbalance in the whole being, the body and mind just parts of a continuum. Treatments focus upon restoring the balance within the whole being, which includes the physical manifestation, the emotional/perceptive system and the cultural idiom of the time.

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Dui Yao

The Art of Formula Construction 

A unique approach to creating variations on classic herbal formulas. This simple yet elegant system allows practitioners to create extracting prescriptions for their patients and more precisely treat the individual patient's needs. 

The Modular System has a complete bio-medical index, which is cross referenced to TCM pattern discrimination. Each formula gives both Western and Chinese indications for use, discusses formula differentiation and gives Dui Yao variations.
This volume is designed for daily use in a busy Health Professional's practice and dramatically shortens the time required to construct complex formulas. It allows fast and accurate prescribing with a high degree of confidence.
We have all 250 Dui Yao Products Available

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Here's what Daniel has to say about the Dui Yao