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Breast Cancer Webinar with Daniel Weber


Here is the PDF for the powerpoint presentation


Download: Breast_Cancer_Webinar.pdf



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Panaxea Training - Presents Three Webinars

Practical Solutions and insights

Dr. Melanie Alexander - Inflammation and Reproduction Challenges

Melanie Alexander with her rich and highly educated background, is regarded by practitioners as 'clever, smart and very knowledgeable'. With a bachelor degree of Science and Acupuncture, a Master of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and a Masters in Reproductive Medicine from the University of NSW, combined with an early background as an RN working in the major teaching hospitals, Melanie has the perfect background knowing what today's 'knowledgeable' clients need. Our patient's responses to stress permeate and influence all levels of human functioning.

Melanie has a proven record of excellence with her own private Sydney clinic, which focuses on reproductive and general health. Her nursing background makes her a darling with her patients as she understands so well the science and the medical treatments the patient is offered.

Melanie has been senior consultant to practitioners with both the Green Medicine Company and later with Panaxea Australia, helping and consulting practitioners of many modalities both in Australia and the United States. Melanie is happy to share her knowledge with you in this webinar.

To listen to Dr Alexanders webinar on Inflammation and Reproduction Challenges, please click here 

Dr. Yvonne Lazette - Inflammation and the Brain

Dr. Yvonne Lazette is a marvellously experienced TCM practitioner. Since graduating in 1986, she has completed many post graduate studies which have taken her to China. Prior to studying Chinese Medicine Yvonne studied Naturopathy and then taught nutrition to Naturopathic students. Yvonne likes to combine biochemistry and nutrition with Chinese Medicine and has recently completed teaching a post-graduate Five Element acupuncture course. From her broad background Yvonne tends to use TCM diagnosis for herbal treatments and Five Element diagnosis for acupuncture to touch the mind/ emotion/spirit level.

Yvonne's main area of interest is treating complex chronic diseases using biomedical markers to guide her treatments.

To Listen to Dr Yvonne Lazette's webinar on Inflammation and the Brain, please click here

Dr. Louis Call - Inflammation, Metabolic Syndrome and Gut Funcion

Dr. Cali began his career in Chinese medicine in New York where he trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Biology, a Bachelor's degree in Professional Studies, a Master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate degree in Law. Dr. Cali is Vice-President of the Association of Integrative Oncology AIOCM. Since 2002 he runs a full-time multi-disciplinary practice in the Melbourne suburbs and acts as mentor to other practitioners and trains students of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Cali's degree of Bachelor of Science and Biology, puts Dr. Cali at the forefront of practitioners' training in Evidence Based Medicine.

To listen to Dr Louis Call's webinar on Inflammation, Metabolic Syndrome and Gut Function: A functional medical approach to a modern epidemic, please click here

Product Training Webinars

Daniel Weber will now come direct to your home through three complimentary informational webinars. In these webinars Daniel will deliver exclusive PANAXEA PRODUCT TRAINING. These complimentary webinars bring you the opportunity to enrich yourself with Daniel Weber's vast clinical knowledge and experience, while in the comfort of your own home or office

All you need to do is click on the link below to download the first two Product Training Webinars. NB. These files are large and may take some time to Download.

Please e-mail  if you would like us to send you the Webinars on CD via courier.

Product Training Webinar (1)
Products Categories Covered
- Psycho-emotional
- Weight Management

Download: Product Training Webinar 1

Product Training Webinar (2)
Products Categories Covered
-Enteric System Disorders

Download: Product Training Webinar 2

Trouble Shooting: With Webinars being new technology, when you click on the file you many need to download some extra bits of software for the webinar to play. Your computer should find it quite easily by itself but if not you will find it at: